Foodie Finds

As we caravanners explore the country / world we have an opportunity to discover a wide range of little-known local produce. This page is to showcase these delicious 'Foodie Finds' whether they be simple snacks, ale or something more extraordinary.

I'll be adding to this page over time, and trying to backdate where possible, but if you have any Foodie Finds of your own please do send them to me at and i'll get them posted on here.

British Black Garlic

I've blatently plagiarized the following paragraph from, but it describes black garlic perfectly. Head on over there and try some!

British Black Garlic is nothing like regular garlic. It has an unbelievable sweet yet savoury taste. With the texture of soft liquorish and dried apricots it has a deep flavour of aged balsamic, black cardamom, leather, smoke and tamarind. 

I like eating them like sweets as treats but it also makes delicious sauces.

Chalky's Bite

Named after Rick Steins pet pooch and brewed by Sharps this beer sets out to create a distinctly English beer with the character, individuality and quality to stand alongside the Belgian greats. And it does! It can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the great Belgium beers, I loved it.

Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps

Aptly following Rick Steins beer above, whilst in Morecambe we visited Edmondsons Fish Shop, where Rick filmed his potted shrimp TV episode. Obviously we bought some potted shrimps and they were delicious. Such an easy way to make a buttery topping for fish, just microwave for 20 seconds and pour.


Umami is Japanese for "pleasant savoury taste" and there are quite a few products on the market now quoting to be umami. Whatever culinary voodoo umami is there's no denying this dressing from Gregor is tangtastic and adds a depth of flavour to anything and everything. If you do try Gregors Dressing please let me know how you used it. So far I've used it as a salad dressing with an omlette, on cheese on toast and to tang up gravies and stews like in my Venture Lamb.

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