Sunday 30 December 2012

Rump Steak and Jenga Chips

You can't beat a good steak and chips and this thick rump steak was tremendous! We bought it from The Farmers Cart in York and can totally recommend them.


1 Big rump steak
1x Garlic clove
Double cream
Big potatoes
Fresh flat leaf parsley
Half a lemon, or bottled juice if easier.


For the celeriac mash:
1. Just like mashed spuds, peel, chop and boil the celeriac.
2. Mash with a fork with some butter, cream and salt and pepper. If you want fancy puree push the celeriac through a fine meshed sieve before adding butter and cream.

For the Chips:
1. Peel and cut the potatoes into chunky chips all the same length and thickness.
2. Pour a good glug of oil in a roasting tin and put in the oven on gas 7
3. Parboil the chips for 10 minutes or as I do microwave on high for 7 minutes.
4. Plunge into cold water to cool and rinse the starch.
5. Dry the chips on jolly roll (kitchen paper).
6. Gently place chips into the hot oil in he roasting tin, baste them on pop back in the oven on top shelf.
7. Regularly turn the chip so all 4 sides brown as much as you like. We like our chips crunchy.
8. When done turn the oven down and move to bottom shelf.

For the steak:
1. Make sure the steak is at room temperature and not straight from the fridge.
2. Brush oil over one side of the steak and season.
3. Get a frying pan hot and smoking and drop the steak in oil side down.
4. Oil and season the upturned side.
5. After 2 minutes add a big knob of butter and turn the steak over.
6. Fry the other side for 2 minutes whilst continuously basting with the buttery juice.
7. Remove from the pan and put to one side, cover with foil and allow to rest.

For the mushrooms:
1. Slice mushroom into chunky slices.
2. Chop or crush a clove of garlic.
3. Chuck it all in a frying pan with a big knob of butter.
4. Keep turning and when done add a good squirt of lemon juice, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with chopped parsley leaves.

For the tomatoes:
1. Cut tomatoes in half and either fry them or roast in the oven.

Cooking order:
I cant quite remember how I did this but it would have been something like.

1. Make chips and put in microwave.
2. Peel and chop celeriac.
3. Put chips in oven, and tomatoes on bottom shelf.
4. Get celeriac on the boil.
5. Chop mushrooms.
6. Chips on bottom shelf.
7. Mash celeriac.
8. Fry steak.
9. While steak resting do mushrooms in steak pan.
10. Serve on a sharing board and tuck in, yum!