Thursday, 30 November 2017

Filo Wrapped Salmon and Spinach in a Creamed Miso Sauce with Chilli, Honey and Soy

It's the first night of our 'Christmas' getaway and we have come to one of our regular haunts of Moreton-in-Marsh Caravan and Motorhome Club site. The plan for this weekend is to attend one of The Cotswolds excellent Christmas markets but the highlight is on Saturday when we board the Santa Steam Train Express at Cheltenham Racecourse where we will be transported through a black hole directly to the North Pole. At the North Pole station there will be elves and other magical creatures waiting for us but of course the big man himself in his carriage grotto. It is a magical trip and made possible by the lovely volunteers at The Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway.

Anyway, back to food. I had a bit of salmon to eat up so popped to the local Warners Budgens for inspiration and decided to try a filo spinach wrap. It is very easy and extremely tasty as the pastry keeps the moisture of the salmon contained and there is just enough to steam the spinach whilst leaving the filo nice and crunchy. I'm also enjoying experimenting with miso at the moment and this blend with chilli, honey, soy and cream worked well with this dish, however you could simply try a bit of a fish stock cube instead.


1x Salmon fillet, skinless
6x Asparagus spears
1x Bacon rasher
1x Cherry tomato vine
3x Filo pastry sheets
Handful of fresh spinach leaves
1x Miso stock sachet
1tbsp Chilli sauce
1tbsp Honey
1tbsp Soy sauce
2tbsp Single cream
Rapeseed oil (or any oil/butter) for brushing the pastry
Sea salt for seasoning.


1. Cut the lower stalks off the asparagus and place in a pan of salted water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes to extract the flavour, discard the stalks. Add the asparagus tips and simmer for 3 minutes then remove and set aside.
2. Fire up the oven to gas mark 7. Put the bacon and tomatoes in a roasting, coat them in oil and place in the oven for about 20 minutes.
3. Put 1 filo pastry sheet on a board and brush with oil then lay another pastry sheet on top and also brush that with oil. Layer spinach leaves on the pastry then place the salmon fillet on top and season, cover it with more spinach then fold the pastry around it to make a parcel. Brush with more oil then use another sheet of pastry to wrap the entire parcel and make it look pretty. Brush with more oil and sprinkle some sea salt on the top. Bake in the oven on the top shelf for about 10 minutes or until golden.
4. Use the asparagus water to make your miso stock in a small saucepan and turn the heat on low. Add the chilli, honey, soy and cream and whisk through well until foamy.
5. Wrap the asparagus with the bacon and return the whole lot to oven for a few minutes.
6. When all done plate up!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Tamagoyaki (Japanese) Omelettes

I am really into these Japanese tamagoyaki omelettes at the moment, so much so that I have bought a tamagoyaki pan but you can use a normal frying pan if you want to give them a go. Instead of pouring all the egg mixture into a pan, as you do when making a normal omelette, with these just enough egg mix is poured in to coat the bottom of the pan then as it cooks you roll it up and push it to the side of the pan. More egg mix is added to the pan and you roll the first bit of egg over it, increasing its size. It's a bit like rolling snow to make a snowman, you keep adding more egg and rolling it over until you get an omelette log.

Here I layered nori Japanese seaweed in one and ham and cheese in the other. They make tasty alternatives to a plain omelette and look pretty good too.


Eggs (2 per person, 3 if you're hungry)
Mirin rice wine
Dashi stock powder
Soy sauce
White pepper
Spray cooking oil

Togarashi Japanese spice


1. Mix the eggs in jug.
2. Add a splash of rice wine and soy sauce with a sprinkling of dashi stock powder and white pepper. Add the spice and sugar here too if you are using them. I like mine spicy but omit the sugar. Mix well.
3. Heat the pan on a medium heat and spray with oil. Pour in just enough egg mix to coat the bottom of the pan.
4. Roll the cooked egg up into a log and push to the side of the pan. Spray in some more oil and pour in a bit of egg and repeat the process.
5. Remove the egg log from the pan, slice and serve.


Have a look at this video on youtube Cooking with Dog 😀. I don't use chopsticks, that looks far too tricky, I have a very thin spatula that does the job just fine. I don't have a dog for company either.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Shredded Lamb Shoulder Slow Cooker Style

My current fad is the slow cooker as I think it works very well in the caravan. Simply prepared in the morning and left bubbling away all day it is a welcome sight and smell when you return to the van from a days activities. The Little Larry's love any pulled meat and this was no exception, although I suspect they would have preferred it in a bun and not with red cabbage, green beans and mashed potatoes like we did. 


1x Lamb shoulder joint
1x Onion, roughly chopped
1x Carrot, peeled and roughly chopped.
2x garlic cloves, peeled and halved
1x Bottle of red wine
1x Lamb stock cube
2tbsp Tomato puree
2tbsp Redcurrant jelly
1tbsp Cornfour, mixed to a slurry
1tsp Dried mixed herbs
1tsp Caraway seeds
1/2tsp Black pepper


1. Season the lamb and brown all over in a large frying pan or wok. Put the lamb in the slow cooker.
2. Put everything else apart from the cornflour into the slow cooker, switch to low and leave it all day.
3. Remove the lamb and set aside. Strain the gravy into a pan and put on a high heat to reduce. Thicken with the cornflour slurry.
4. Shred the lamb using two forks and plate up!