About the Recipes

Even though these recipes are all produced in my caravan kitchen there is nothing to stop you trying them in a motorhome, narrowboat, holiday cottage or even at home!

When away in our van I do like to buy locally so as such very rarely plan meals in advance. One of the joys of cooking in the van for me is finding good quality local produce, letting the region decide what's for our dinner. I'm also quite partial to seeking out reduced bargains in supermarkets, you know you will be cooking it that day so shelf life doesn't matter and sometimes there are cracking reductions.

As the recipes are made up on the fly they generally do not include weights or measures. Most of them serve two people (usually Mrs L and me) and I'll describe quantities like a pinch of salt, a handful of parsley, a glug of wine or a dollop of sauce. Most home cooks will know what I mean but if there are requests I might start revisiting some of the older recipes and work out weights and measures properly.

For home cooks the gas mark conversion table is below, thanks to Wikipedia:

Gas       Celsius
  1.    135
  2.    149
  3.    163
  4.    177
  5.    191
  6.    204
  7.    218
  8.    232
  9.    246 

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