Monday 15 February 2016

Venison Fillet and Black Garlic Sauce

One ingredient I absolutely love is British black garlic. How it is made is a closely guarded secret but it is basically an aged and cured garlic bulb that turns black as part of the process. The flavour is similar to balsamic vinegar, a sort of liquoricey garlic, a perfect accompaniment to venison fillets. I simply combined it with leftover gravy from the venison cawl the other night but any stock will do.


2x Venison Fillets
500ml Leftover gravy or stock
1x Large clove of British black garlic


1. Reduce the gravy or stock by half by simmering on the hob, whisking regularly.
2. Peel the black garlic and crush it with the side of a knife. Add the pulp to the gravy and continue simmering.
3. Thicken the gravy if needed with a cornflour and water mix then pass through a fine meshed sieve.
4. This bit is optional. Pour the gravy into a whipping siphon and charge with one cartridge and shake very well.
5. Season the venison then sear both sides in a hot pan for about 90 seconds a side.
6. Plate up and squirt or pour over your black garlic sauce.
7. Serve with veg of choice, mine is with sweet potato chips and mange tout, and I sneaked a poached egg in there too.

You can read more about black garlic here

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