Wednesday 8 April 2015

Angels On Horseback

We are staying in Whitstable in Kent so there really is only one thing that should be on the menu and that's oysters! Whitstable is famous for its oysters and no trip here should go without a visit to the harbour and sampling some of the fine seafood. It was here that I tried raw oysters for the first time and they were delicious! Little Lady Larry tried one but spat it out and Mrs Larry and the Little Larry's refused point blank! They did say they would try them cooked so what simpler a dish than Kents most famous Angels on Horseback. These are simply fresh oysters wrapped in bacon, secured with a cocktail stick and grilled.


Oysters, shucked
Parsley, fresh
Black pepper
Cocktail sticks


1. Soak the cocktail sticks for at least half in hour in water.
2. Season the oysters with black pepper.
3. Wrap the oysters with bacon rashers and secure with the cocktail sticks.
4. Grill or bbq until the bacon is crisp.
5. Serve in the shells and top with shredded parsley.

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